Electronic payment options for simple reporting

Transparent, secure credit and debit card transaction make reporting far easier than with cash. View bills and payments as they are processed in real time, and export tax information directly from the system.

Export payment information and input directly into accounting software

Digitally stored and recorded accounts information means you can export CSV files from your payments portal, to be easily uploaded into your chosen accounting software package, or sent to your accountant. Payment records can be managed and reviewed automatically, transforming the way your payment and bills records can be utilized for reporting.

Save time and costs by avoiding cash transactions

Cash transactions are costly and present safety concerns for both customers and employees. Reporting on each transaction is also inefficient and requires time that could be spent on other aspects of successfully running your dispensary.

LINX payment solutions save time and costs and lead to a far simpler reporting process, giving you and your staff more time to focus on customers, marketing, and other activity that will help your business grow.

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