Accounts and payment processing

Medical marijuana dispensaries are in desperate need of merchant accounts that also allow for payment processing and other financial services.

LINX have developed an advanced, secure and fully compliant payment platform that allows for medical marijuana merchant account services and electronic payment processing between dispensaries and customers, and dispensaries and other industry stakeholders.

LINX’s processing rates are fixed—there is no need to discuss your business with account managers or risk assessment teams. We offer a partnership that brings your business into the industry’s future, while provide your dispensary with the financial services required for growth and increased legitimacy.

Transform bill payments and reporting

LINX’s revolutionary Bill Pay systems transforms the way dispensaries pay bills.

Through a central portal accessible in any web browser, you’ll be able to view payments as they are processed in real time. Complete control over source of funds and payment timings means far greater efficiency, improved cash flow and much simpler financial reporting.

Simplify and grow your medical marijuana business

Simplifying these processes means more time for you to market and grow your dispensary. You’ll also save costs on cash management, as well as increasing the safety of your employees and customers without the need for all transactions to be conducted using cash.

LINX medical marijuana merchant services are designed to help dispensaries grow, and further legitimise one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. Contact us for more information, or sign up for a LINX payment account today.  


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