Co-branding with trusted payment providers

LINX is a trusted payment solutions provider and the most respected brand working in payments in the legal cannabis industry today. Co-branding with us is a way of promoting your own brand while signalling your dispensary’s commitment to your customers.


Encourage repeat

Co-branded cards and other merchandise make the card payments system used by your business your own. LINX are proud to offer payment services to legal dispensaries, and we want to see our partners grow as a result of working with us.

Offering co-branded cards means your customers are more likely to return to your store, as well as tell others about your brand and the convenience of your card payment services.

Gain new customers and brand visibility

The visibility of your brand is key to your business’ growth. With co-branded payment solutions you can increase the number of people coming into contact with your brand name and identity. It also associates your brand with card payment systems for legal cannabis purchases, a facility with enormous consumer demand.

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