Merchant accounts and debit and credit card processing

LINX have designed a built a system that allows for fully compliant debit and credit card payments between cannabis industry stakeholders, in Washington DC and in hundreds of dispensaries across the United States.

Our payments systems allow for instant bill and invoice payments, a reduction in the issues created by cash management, as well as simple reporting, and an attractive new proposition for your customers—using payment cards in your store rather than having to withdraw and carry around significant amounts of cash.

Our goal is to modernize the cannabis industry and help it progress as its potential suggests it should. This means access to the banking services and facilities enjoyed by most other business types, without the need to worry about compliance with federal and the costs bank apply when working with “high-risk” companies.

Co-branded cards improving the visibility of your dispensary

As well as providing payment solutions to be used between dispensaries and suppliers and other industry stakeholders, we provide card payment systems that can be used by customers in your store.

Card payments means faster transactions and more sales each day. Attractive co-branded cards means more opportunity for your brand to be noticed, and a unique opportunity to attract repeat business to your Washington DC dispensary.

For more information about the payment solutions offered by LINX, you can read about our complete list of payment services here. Alternatively you can contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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