Get paid faster and bring more customers to your dispensary

LINX are the leading provider of merchant payment processing services to legal cannabis dispensaries in the United States.

Our platform, designed over many year by a team of legal and technical experts, is fully compliant and allows for credit and debit card transactions between cannabis industry stakeholders, as well as customers and their favoured dispensaries.

With card payments faster and more efficient your business can save money and attract customers with the advanced, transparent payment solutions provided by LINX.

Co-branded cards that get people talking about your business

With co-branded payment cards you can increase your visibility, and spend the time you save on accounting on innovative ways of marketing your brand.

LINX payment systems and products are designed to bring dispensaries into a new, more modern era. If you’re interested in the services LINX has to offer you can find out more about them here, or contact us today to learn about our payment systems and how they could benefit your Maine dispensary.

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