Secure providers of credit and debit processing services

The transactional handling of cannabis for medical purposes throughout the Arizona state has been limited ever since its legalisation in 2010, due to the nature of state and federal laws.

The result of this has been that the movement of money within the cannabis industry has been uneconomic and misused.

LINX is a leading provider of credit and debit merchant processing services for cannabis dispensaries in Arizona. We enable legally accepted card payments, minimizing the risk associated with handling cash for all cannabis industry stakeholders.

Engage new customers with our co-branded payment cards

To make the transactions of medicalized cannabis in Arizona simpler and more transparent, we issue co-branded payment cards. Not only can customers use these cards to make payments, but they can also be easily topped up online. At LINX, we believe in the universal trade of cannabis in Arizona, and this is why we have created a card which can be used by all involved in the industry.

To find out more about LINX’s transactional services, which are revolutionizing the legal transfer of cannabis throughout Arizona, why not get in touch with us today.

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