Trusted providers of debit and credit card payment solutions

Legal cannabis dispensaries in Alaska have been unable to use normal banking services such as credit and debit card processing since recreational marijuana use was legalised in the state in 2014.

Since that time cash transactions have meant inefficient bill payments and reporting, as well as safety concerns for staff and employees.

LINX have development a payment processing system that is fully compliant and used by hundreds of dispensaries across the United States. Our systems enable electronic payments for both customers and businesses, so that you can streamline your accounting processes and attract more customers by offering a faster a simpler method of transaction.

Co-branded payment cards showcasing your dispensary

LINX provided co-branded cards for your to give to customers to use in your Alaska dispensary. These cards can then be easily topped up online through a simple-to-use customer portal.

For a full view of LINX’s industry leading payment solutions for legal cannabis dispensaries, have a look at our services page[LINK], or contact us today to talk through the simple onboarding system and the benefits you can expect from using payment solutions from LINX.

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