Clear and effective payment solutions for the trading of marijuana in Florida

LINX is a leading provider of credit and debit merchant processing of legalized cannabis in Florida state. We work to support hundreds of dispensaries, with a fully compliant US-based payment system.

LINX ensures the safe and legal action of selling and buying medical cannabis in Florida, making it easy and efficient for both customers and dispensary owners.

The benefit of our co-branded cards

Our universal payment card method takes the risks which come with cash transactions out of the legal marijuana trade in Florida. Through the standardization of the payment process, LINX aims to help the industry of cannabis for medical usage in Florida progress.

Our payment card system not only works to move the legal tendering of cannabis in Florida to a more modern, efficient and profitable era, but our co-branded cards also help to bring customers directly to your dispensary.

If you are interested in our co-branded cards, or anything else that LINX offers, why not take a look at our website where you can find out more about what we do.

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