How to load your LINX card

1. Login to: 

Swipe the LINX card or manually enter the 9 digit ID on the back of the LINX card, under the barcode

2. Enter the amount to load onto the LINX card

$5 – $500 / day Enter amount of product to be purchased. NOTE: advise buyer to add more funds to avoid ‘load fee’ next time!

3. Swipe users credit card

Information should auto populate – if not enter numbers manually.

4. Manually enter CSV code

The CSV code is located on the back of credit card or on the front if AMEX.

5. Enter billing zip code

It is the zip code associated with the credit card, not the customers ID.

6. Click ‘ID has been verified’ and submit

An immediate balance should display – If it doesn’t then the LINX card was not loaded correctly.

ID and credit card must match customer.

Important info

A $3 fee is added to every load.

Do not enter random names and characters for customers names – An ID must be captured on the load.

AVS Rejection = Billing zip code incorrect.

LINX Support

If you experience any issues or have any questions, LINX Support is here to help!

Send an email to with all the following information that applies:

Your Shop name (and location if there are multiple)

Customer Name

LINX Card ID – 9-character code on the back of every LINX card under the barcode

Last 4 digits of the credit card used to load the LINX card

Date(s) of the transaction(s) If LINX needs more information a member of our team will be sure to let you know!

Or call us at 1-866-420-2864