Fully compliant payment processing

LINX have spent several years creating payment processing for the legal cannabis industry which is fully compliant with federal law and offers dispensaries and their customer the chance to make secure electronic payments. With a team of legal and technical experts we have created an industry-leading platform that will transform the way dispensaries across the United States make future financial transactions.

Transparent payment solutions

Secure, transparent payment solutions that result in efficient payments and reporting is something enjoyed by the vast majority of businesses. LINX is bringing this to the legal cannabis industry, having created a fully compliant payment processing system that brings real payment solutions to dispensaries. Reporting, tax payments and being paid on time are all transformed with the right payment processing powers in place.


Simplify and grow your business

Handling cash can be dangerous, expensive, and adds time to every transaction you have to complete, including those between customers, and between other industry stakeholders.

By simplifying your business payment processes you are given more time to work on business development, marketing, and other activities that will help you grow your business.

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