The legal trade of cannabis in the U.S.

The legal trade of cannabis in the U.S. needs to be carefully managed in order to trade in compliance with federal laws. LINX ensure this, while creating a payment processing system for merchant accounts which is transparent and easy-to-use.


With the recession of Cole Memorandum on January 4, 2018, it had become hard for banks to provide financial services for those in the legal cannabis trade. Where the banks have begin to fail, LINX have evolved to provide an innovative tool to ensure the safe, legal trade of cannabis throughout the US.

Transactions made through LINX’s payment processing system are fully compliant with FinCEN and the Bank Secrecy Act.

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Merchant Accounts

There is a rising demand for merchant accounts for legal cannabis dispensaries throughout the U.S., due to the difficulty of acquiring normal banking services. LINX enable marijuana businesses to legally access these services in order to aid financial development.

LINX offer a secure, fully compliant payment processing system which allows the legal trade of cannabis to be transparent and efficient.

Through our online portal, we allow cannabis dispensaries to spend less time tracking funds, inputting data and keeping track of tax, and more time improving their business.

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Payment Processing

Not only do we ensure full compliance with federal laws through our payment processing system, but also complete transparency. This means your business can streamline its accounting by making payments, tax reporting and monitoring costs all though our payment system. This include payments made to suppliers and other industry stakeholders.

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