LINX is the primary provider of credit and debit merchant processing services for legal cannabis dispensaries in the United States.

We currently operate in sixteen states and support hundreds of dispensaries, with a fully compliant US-based payment and banking solution that makes the purchasing process safer and more efficient for both customers and business owners.

Our goals

LINX’s primary goal is to enable legally accepted card payments, minimizing the risks associated with handling cash for owners, employees, and customers.

Our payment system, developed over fifteen years, brings new levels of efficiency for businesses and increases financial support for the industry by remitting real-time sales tax and applicable excise payments.

Our platform also improves the accuracy of dispensary tax reporting and provides audit-ready tax payment records directly out of the system.

In standardizing the purchase process LINX is aiming to help this industry progress. By establishing a cost-effective, industry-wide transaction fee, including all required services such as payment processing, cash in hand, ACH fees, tax reporting and compliance, LINX is aiming to move the legal cannabis industry into a more modern, efficient and more profitable era.

Through years of business, technical and legal expertise, our dedicated team has created a proven technology platform, one that is uniquely qualified to deliver an advanced payment network of this kind.

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Our future

Adding bill payment capabilities to our existing retail network allows all licensed stakeholders to benefit from our payment platform. We see this as a step towards creating a healthy ecosystem that no longer has to rely on unsafe and inefficient cash transactions in order to operate.

Our product is easy to use and consistent across different geographic markets. We have developed an attractive, distinctive brand that is recognized in major U.S. markets.

We hope that you will join us and establish your business as a member of the LINX community, the first payment system dedicated for businesses in and customers of the legal cannabis industry.

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