Proud sponsors of Cannabition Cannabis Museum


Oct 1 2018

In a cannabis-industry first, the world’s trailblazing cannabis-themed educational attraction seeks to give cannabis and cannabis-adjacent companies an opportunity to engage audiences through immersive, experiential exposure.

LAS VEGAS (September 2018) – Be exhaled through enormous lips into a pool of Leafly “nugs*.” Inhale the evocative aromas of six different terpenes—the chemical components of cannabis—courtesy of The Clear Concentrate. Swing from a whimsically stylized Pax vaping “tree.” Pose with a mammoth-sized CannAmerica cannabis-leaf- shaped gummy. Simulate taking a hit of an oversized RAW papers joint or from Bongzilla, the world’s largest bong made by Jerome Baker Designs. Contemplate the relaxing, “body high” properties of cannabis while cradled in the lap of a giant Buddha statue, adorned in W Vapes’ dazzling, rainbow-colored paint scheme.

Cannabition, the immersive cannabis museum opening Sept. 20 in downtown Las Vegas, has curated these never-before-seen experiences for consumers to engage with emerging and established cannabis-industry brands. Keneh Ventures, a firm created to grow and invest in the “cannabusiness” industry, serves as Cannabition’s principal investment partner.
“With Cannabition, we purposely involved the most dynamic brands in this fast-evolving industry in our one-of-a-kind exhibits,” explains JJ Walker, founder, Cannabition. “Other top lifestyle brands make experiential marketing a cornerstone of their efforts—and the cannabis industry should be no different. Cannabition’s exhibitions introduce the next generation of cannabis marketing as a multi-sensory, artful and interactive journey.”